The most expensive motorcycle for the price of one hundred Harleys

Somebody is calling this bike "My Own" and that's a good thing. I am sure he or she will be very happy while admiring the gloss and shine and  the mirroring of his or her face in the immaculate 6 coat paint job. Will the owner of this piece of art ever take it for a spin? Maybe. Bucherer, a Swiss watchmaker company presented this Harley-Davidson Blue Edition to an international crowd while it was exhibited at Zürich International Airport. Beside being the most expensive motorcycle in the world it is probably also the most photographed one. Bucherer teamed up with Bündnerbikes, a Swiss motorcycle customizer to create this epitome of craftsmanship. An even more expensive bike on the base of an Indian Springfield Dark Horse Motorcycle is already in the works though. Let's guess what the Indian Motorcycle Company will come up with this coming 2019 Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, USA.

Anyhow, the price tag for this Harley-Davidson Blue Edition hits the mark of  1.888 million Swiss Francs including VAT.

- Days of Bliss by Andre Roger -

A blue Harley Davidson motorcycle on display between two showcases
The most expensive Motorcycle on display at Zürich International Airport

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